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Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar wildlife sanctuary situated near Marayoor in Idukki is a sheer joy for birds and butterfly watchers. It is one of the well-known tourist destinations in Kerala. It is very famous for its rich cultural heritage and unique eco-system. It is the home of the endangered giant squirrel of India. When compared to the other sanctuaries in Kerala Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary gets less than two months of rain every year. It is very well known for the medicinal plants, which supports the healthy population of star tortoise, guar, spotted deer, lender Loris, elephant, leopard, tiger and other rare species of butterflies and birds. There are 965 flowering plants in the sanctuary. The very famous Marayoor sandalwood forest is situated in this sanctuary. The two recurrent rivers Pambar and Chinnar flow through this area. There are 34 species of mammals and 225 species of birds here. You can see panthers, spotted deer, elephant, gaur, tiger, sambar deer, common langur, bonnet macaque, Hanuman monkey, white bison, mugger crocodiles, Nilgiri tahr, cats and giant squirrels. Unsurprisingly Chinnar has thorny bushes, Xerophytes and numerous numbers of flowering plants in such a dry place. Thoovanam waterfalls which are located inside the forest are a great destination to have amazing trekking. During the trek, if you are fortunate enough you will be able to see some wildlife too. The watchtower located inside the forest, near to the check-post, gives a panoramic view of the vast expanse around and it is a brilliant place to spot wildlife. Tribal people are an integral part of the forest as they have been residing here for more than a thousand years. There are 11 tribal settlements and each one belongs to a distinct type of tribe. There are various megalithic burial chambers in this area. The trek with the wildlife trail will last for 2-3 hours and you will be accompanied by a tribal guide. As they are very much familiar with these surroundings, they know where to look for the wildlife and your chances of spotting one will be higher. You should keep your eyes wide open to catch a glimpse of wildlife such as squirrels, deer, langur etc. The picturesque landscape and the hinterland trail in Chinnar will refresh you for sure in every breath, as it will be a trekking experience that will blandly remind you about the divinity and harmony in the wild. Although Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is open throughout the year, the best time to explore its beauty is during the winter months. The sanctuary is situated in northeast of Munnar which is easily accessible by road. Apart from dormitory, you can get a tree house or a hut accommodation inside the forest. You can wake up to the euphonic sniggering of the yellow-throated bulbuls. If you are looking for the best Kerala holiday packages and Kerala honeymoon packages, Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is the perfect place. Holiday Kerala offers you the best packages in reasonable prices. We have customized packages and we give core importance to customer satisfaction, which make us the frontrunner in the industry.

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