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Kerala Kalamandalam is regarded as the most prestigious Kathakali School in the whole world. This allegorical school of art is located in Cheruthuruthy and was originally found by Vallathol Narayana Menon, the famous poet of Malayalam. It is located in the banks of the river Nila. (Bharathapuzha) performances and classes are regularly conducted in Kalamandalam, cherished by its fanciful charm. Talented artists from all over the world perform regularly at its famous dancing theatre, Koothambalam. Granite pillars of Koothambalam are very well known for having one hundred and eight karanas inscribed on them. Watching performances in these sacred halls is a celestial experience. Visitors are allowed to enter the classes without disturbing the students and the teachers. It is quite surprising that Kalamandalam follows the Guru Kula system in which teachers and students reside together sharing a close bond. Here classes are divided according to the experience of the students not their age. It is strictly a residential place of learning. Experienced teachers and talented students are the real wealth of Kalamandalam. Koothambalam is a part of Kerala’s temple heritage. Only a few temples maintain Koothambalam. The traditional Koothambalam was built according to the rules and regulations depicted in Natyasastra written by sage Bharata. It has architectural elegance paired with the imagination of a renowned artist and art dilettante late, D.Appukuttan Nair. The roof-structure, stage-floor, and its pillars are made of teakwood and rosewood. There are two dressing rooms behind the stage. Koothu and Koodiyattam are performed in Koothambalam. In the architecturally splendid Koothambalam, there will be a variety of programs on special occasions.

Vallathol house in Cheruthuruthi village was taken over by the Kerala state government and handed it over to Kerala Kalamandalam. The house was converted into the Vallathol Museum, which exhibits manuscripts, dresses, and gifts he had received from all over the world. Kerala Kalamandalam is a learning center that provides training in traditional and classical performing art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Kudiyattam, Thullal, Kuchipudi, Bharathanatyam and Nangyarkooth and classical orchestration like Panchavadyam and instruments like Chenda, Maddalam, and Mizhavu are available here. Kerala Kalamandalam is an autonomous university for art and culture. It was established to preserve and promote Kerala’s traditional performing art. Kalamandalam started high school education for its students in 1990. Measured have been taken to ensure qualitative assessment of the training provided to students so that they will get time for improvement and correction. Kalamandalam library has over fifty thousand books in its library based on theatre, music, dance, Indian history, aesthetics, epics, and Puranas.  If you are a person thriving to know more about the traditional performing arts of Kerala, Kalamandalam is the perfect place to be in. This is a place that can be included in your Kerala holiday packages and Kerala tour packages if you are a person who enjoys performing arts. Holiday Kerala offers you customized Kerala holiday packages, Kerala tour packages and Kerala honeymoon packages in reasonable prices. We assure you that every penny you drop on our packages will be worth spending.

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